I'm here for the dreamers. The ones who roam free. The happy souls who believe there is no true road map to life.

About Sarah Jayne

Born on an avocado and citrus grove in Rainbow, California, I knew and felt the element of wonder at a young age. But even though I was surrounded by trees, I had no roots. My father was in the military, and three years was the average stint in most places. Each new locale I approached with a sense of wonder. Enchantment was ever-present. My childhood taught me that life is way too short to sit inside. Life is about exploration and what you find when you step out of your comfort zone. This inherent desire to see new places, meet new people and discover life outside of what I knew lead me to pursue a career in storytelling.

I made my way to Arizona for college, where I studied photojournalism and print journalism. Longing for something new, I parted ways with Arizona, and made my way to the Northeast where I landed a job in Public Relations. Among my client base were photography brands, and through helping these businesses launch campaigns, I realized I could start my own business. Heck, I have now started three.

Today, I finally have roots, and live North of Boston with my love, Eric, our little humans, Luke and Olivia, and nutty pup, Maggie. It’s here where Eric does most of the cooking, and avocados are always on tap.

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